"...The Mush-Room Theatre Design, the cast and director are all to be applauded for their ambitious efforts in staging this work, which is only infrequently produced in the United States."

Theater is Easy

"...Manhattan Project is a play worth seeing; it creatively utilizes specifics to illuminate conflict on the smallest and largest scales, which, in turn, makes this nuclear age less abstract in our minds."

The Happiest Medium

"Designer X, Your Face, What Are You Doing Here?, Maria Alexandria Beech's trio of plays in the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, has got to be one of the most jam-packed evenings I've spent at the theatre in a long while."

"Director Oscar Mendoza maintains a strong sense of alienation throughout the evening. The hypnotic pre-show draws in the audience and lulls them..."

"Oscar Mendoza skillfully directs both plays with his inventive blocking. He positions the characters around the empty frames, as though something beyond the windows and the door determines their movement. The actors squawk with the piercing vulnerability of caged animals facing inevitable slaughter and the audience watches, settling for humor rather than a positive ending."